The building-blogs of life

13 01 2010

After going through two entire albums of The Weepies, two cups of coffee and a bag of yogurt covered pretzels, I feel I’ve finally made a solid decision regarding my blogging-site choice. During the process, I also created numerous blogs (for exploring purposes) which I will most likely never touch again – including but not limited to: seeing if it was possible to continue blogging on my blogger account (it really was too basic to keep me entertained for an entire semester), I also created a tumblr  account (cute, but too similar to twitter), and even explored weebly (again, cute and easy to use, but I somehow felt isolated from the rest of the blogging world). I’m also beginning to realize why I’ve always been an on-again-off-again blogger; the idea of immediate publication is a painstaking one for a perfectionist (I’ve reread the last 137 words at least a dozen times, and backspaced each sentence at least once).




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