Exploring the great blog sea

14 01 2010

I am constantly amazed by the immediate ways learning new information can impact one’s life. My discovery of Diigo, Netvibes, and Firefox is currently redefining my virtual life – and making it a hundred times more simplistic. Kudos to Professor Jason Whitney and also to Kate Klingensmith (her blog on making a personal learning network is excellent) for opening me up to the much more intense but also extremely organized worlds of online blogging, social networking and personal learning networks. My desktop and Firefox is currently more organized than my own room. If only there were a Diigo to organize your room – I’d pay a monthly fee for that!

In only a few hours I was able to transfer all of my Mac bookmarks to Diigo (an incredibly monotonous task, by the way) and create a beautiful Netvibes page. In that time I also added, explored and eventually deleted both a Yahoo account and a Delicious account (I’m slowly trying to clean up the online mess that I’ve made exploring and discovering over the last several days. Evidently, I’m such a neat freak that   even my virtual spaces to be clean, orderly and extremely well-organized).

Like building friendships or making a homemade pie, creating a blog, exploring  technology and creating a personal learning network also takes time, patience, undergoing bouts of frustration and taking risks. So, am I anywhere near a complete understanding of the great blog sea? Absolutely not – I don’t even comprehend HTML language yet. But, I’m at least in the waves (or maybe waist high in the water), an accomplishment considering before I was, metaphorically speaking, wading in the mucky, brown tidal pool left by the ocean, but no where near being in it.




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